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TAO Energetic Coaching

By Jona Marion van Schellenbeck

Article published in Coach!n - the magazine for conscious lifestyle (02/2014).

TAO Energetic Coaching is based on ancient Chinese Taoist principles and combines the book of changes (“I Ching”) with an energetically based concept of classical acupuncture. – That means it is a kind of psycho-energetic acupuncture which is applied without needles. It is called TAO-Puncture. – This method combines ancient knowledge with modern technology. It`s the ideal way of treatment and it is unrivaled in the field of modern treatment and coaching. The purpose of TAO Energetic Coaching is the restoration of physical, mental and spiritual balance. – This is managed by breaking up energetic blocks impairing one ´s well-being. TAO in the sense of Chinese philosophy is a universal spiritual principle. It’s like a ubiquitous cosmic energy.

My approach to my work is holistic and systemic. Reviewing more than ten years of experience in acupuncture in the UK I know that a great number of energetic blocks may result in emotional disturbances affecting man´s well being. I put emphasis on the anamnestic interview. Subject of discussion are health issues, partnerships, problems in private or professional life etc. Tightly focused questioning quickly reveals the real origin of the problems. – Good assistance is provided by my computer supported system and its special software.

The approach to my client is as follows: Subsequent to an extensive questioning (about 45 min.) I start testing the current situation. I focus on the predominant problem which will be integrated into the test in a few words. The focus changes the algorithm of testing and by this manipulates the result. Regularly testing will be executed by psychophysiological connection via mind-mater-interface: The client either puts both hands on device implemented electrodes or he holds special hand applicators in his hands, which may also be used for regulation later on. This test reveals even those problems unknown to the client. Simultaneously we get an individual pictural affirmation in the shape of a fractal. Fractals are the gateway to multi-dimensionality. They may be used as a mediator between the visible and the invisible reality for human beings. After the end of a psycho-energetic consultation the informations are transported into a glas of water and this water is offered to the respective client as an energy-drink.

Fractal - image affirmation

Besides the fractals, which are graphs, individually calculated for a special client in combination with mathematical algorithms I also get the so called Shen formulas. – These are psychodynamic formulas (affirmations) intended to stimulate reflection and action in order to promote mental adjustment and awakening of inner forces. They are derived from the respective hexagrams* and their associated comments.

Regularly, in order to evaluate the result, an aura-test is performed. By means of this test I may check up the current state of the energetic centers (chakras). The result is made visible in the form of a graph showing bars of different colors. This check up might provide me with more information about possibly imbalanced areas of the client. The subsequent harmonization of the status quo is performed either directly by hand-electrodes alone or in combination with a color-light source. This depends on the therapist´s decision. The color-light source may be a punctual probe or a different light-source.

During the harmonization session the points actually treated are displayed on a screen and can be observed by the client. This process is part of an important ritual that attracts attention and contributes to the improvement of the client´s overall situation. I use either individually designed programs or programs based on special indications or a combination of both plus a light-pyramid with homogenous light. This special kind of light conveys a pleasant feeling and simultaneously enhances harmonization in all levels. Finally all the relevant informations are transferred to a carrier-medium (e.g. Aqua Ling Zhen) which is filled in pump spray bottles of 50ml content. It is used sublingually, as a psychodynamic anchor.

The TAO Medical Tuner with hand-electrodes and point-applicator

Fractals, Shen formulas and information carrying media are an accompanying scheme of coaching and contribute significantly to the success of the consultation. As far as I am concerned, I regard this kind of coaching as the method of choice. A number of procedures run automatically, and make it easy for therapists to start with that fascinating system of energetic coaching. Thanks to especially designed software-programs, which regulate the harmonizing process, handling is very easy. – All in all it is ideal for physicians and alternative practitioners as well as for psychotherapists, life advisors and coaches.

About the author

Profilbild von  van Schellenbeck

Jona Marion van Schellenbeck from Neuenburg am Rhein Germany

I am trained Medical Technical Assistant (University of Gießen) and lived for over two decades abroad, including Malaysia, where I came into contact with Far Eastern healing methods. My interest in these methods led to studies of acupuncture in England and practiced traditional acupuncture for ten years in an acupuncture center in Leamington Spa. I am licensed acupuncturist and member of the British Acupuncture Council (M.B.Ac.C.). Since my return to Germany I got involved with Trigrams Acupuncture and the associated needle-free application by using the Bucher TAO Medical device. In recent years, I got acquainted with methods of Bioresonance and Radionics. In my current practice, emphasis is put on the use of TAO medical tuning as well as a combination with other methods of Bucher Coaching Systems.


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