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Identify causes of patient problems, support the changes of problem-triggering behavioral patterns, and thus facilitate and more sustainably achieve the desired therapeutic goal.

Any effect, any symptom, any indication or globally expressed, each problem is based on certain, usually unrecognized causes. A good radionic system must therefore be able to display the causes of the patient's problems and to support the change of the problem-triggering behavior patterns. This change in the life of the patient permanently removes the problem of the existence of the problem and it can be resolved by the self-healing effect as far as possible. An amputated leg can, of course, not be re-grown with it, but one receives e.g. Very good the phantom pain in the handle.

A simple example, which anyone can easily understand, is e.g. An unhealthy way of life through too much and wrong foods and little movement. The effects may be in the form of overweight, shortness of breath, heart disease, hypertension, high blood lipids, diabetes, a weakening of the immune system and much more. If the behavior pattern of the unhealthy diet and the lack of exercise are not changed, only the use of symptom-suppressing medicines with all its advantages and disadvantages remains.

In such cases, no system of radionics would be necessary to analyze, unless the cause of the lack of motivation to a healthier lifestyle was found. What can be made visible in this example is the cause and its effect. If we are to motivate the patient to eat healthier and move regularly, then usually all the related problems will either dissolve or at least defuse themselves.

Unfortunately, the connections are not always as easy to see as in the above example. An allergy to flower pollen can have as a cause the used adhesive of a tooth inlay. An asthmatic disease can be caused by molds in the home.

The search for resonances in the cause range is one of the strengths of the Bucher Vita Coach. Our system can rely on a balanced and comprehensive database with all relevant resonance topics.

The transmission of the found resonance information as regulation information is another strength of the Bucher Vita Coach. Here, not only is a single transmission method possible (as is usual with other radionic systems), but there are a variety of different transmission variants which can be selected depending on the preferences or also the strengths of the patients. The following are just three of many possibilities: A musical person needs the information rather via an audible medium, e.g. White noise or music. A person who only believes in what he sees may need color light as the medium of transmission. Someone who can only be healthy if he takes something, perhaps should get Globuli. The transmission media can, of course, also be combined with one another. The Bucher Vita Coach is so flexible that it can fulfill all requirements for the transfer of the regulations information. In this way, the patient contributes significantly to the fact that the motivation and the discipline to walk the right (the healthier) path is not lost during the course of the therapy.

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