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Bucher TAO Medical is a universal test and Regulations System, based on the age-old Taoist Chinese medicine.

It is a new, unique method that combines the Book of Changes with medicine. The method represents a successful synthesis between Eastern natural medicine and modern Western information technology. The operating principle is psycho energetic, that It is based on exchange-effects between consciousness, energy and matter. It is an emergent system in which the whole is far more than the sum of its parts.

was founded in 2006 Method of Andrea Mercedes Riegel and Hermann Grösser under the name LING ZHEN, the spiritual spiritual path of acupuncture (LING = spiritual, ZHEN = needle). It was explored in the past few years and realized in cooperation with Wolfgang Bucher and Michael Päßler 2012 Design. It is an integral under the name Bucher TAO Medical part of Bucher coaching system.

The method includes the findings from several fields of naturopathy and includes both elements of the psychokybernetischen, and from the biophysical medicine.

The test is very simple. It takes place by laying hands on the gold electrode of the TAO Medical tuner. The organism is a holistic approach by a physiological coupling and evaluated its energy overall health in just seconds.

The method statements may their causes and possible course be taken of the current state of energetic disharmony, as well.

It is described in detail in the book "Ling -Zhen - The spiritual spiritual path of acupuncture" and in "I Ching and Psyche" and other books of Dr. A.-M. Riegel described.

The recipes that result using the Bucher TAO Medical testing, consist precisely of the means (acupoints, herbs, etc.), which are indicated for the retuning of the organism.

At the same time hints synergistic treatment with homeopathic remedies, Schüssler be given salts and other naturopathic means, including the Ling Zhen essences and psychodynamic formulas include.

In addition to the patient-specific testing are i.a. also proven basic recipes for major western diseases and symptoms appear, which seek treatment by the method. The remarkable thing is that it is dynamic formulations that are individually during testing on the patient's needs.

The treatment can be done in several ways, with the individual methods and means can also be combined synergistically.

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