Product overview


The Bucher GmbH develops, together with its partners, systems in the area of complementary medicine.

Through a wide range of products and modules, we try to offer our customers exactly what they need in their sphere of activity. Thus we reach a much better price-performance ratio, because our users must buy only those products that they really need. This has a positive impact on the economic viability of the practices and companies that use our products. 

We offer almost every variation in complementary medicine, so that actually any therapist can find a product that can assist him in his daily work.

Below you will find a brief description of the areas with a recommendation of the appropriate product, so that you can better find your way within our product range.

Range: Radionics

The first step within the radionics systems is to find resonances that are stored in a large database with many thousands of entries. For our users hundreds of databases are already available for free. However, if subjects are missing, the user can create the corresponding databases simply by himself. Through a communication possibility among the users, created by the Bucher GmbH, databases can be very easily transferred directly from one therapist to another. This can be easily done with just a few mouse clicks.

The resonances found in the scans lead the therapist to the relevant cause of the client`s/patient`s problems, the "golden thread".

In the second step the therapist can find in the therapist-patient-talk a solution for avoiding or dissolving the cause of the problem using the scan results. Without a cause of the problem there is no longer a problem. But changes in behavioral patterns in the lives of patients are always very stressful and need intensive support from the therapist.

In the third step the therapist motivates the patient and makes tools available to him, so that he can find the discipline necessary for change. For this purpose, the therapist finds in the Radionics systems of Bucher GmbH a wide range of direct and indirect ways. There are many direct transmission facilities for sending the necessary corrective information, e.g. quantum resonance, acoustics, light and colored light.

The indirect ways include information carriers, such as magnetic cards, "recorded" non-medical globules, sprays and also informed food supplements or crystals. Especially the information carriers can cause that the patient continues his therapy virtually autonomously, even if he is not in the therapist`s practice, exactly at the moment when the causative situation may lead him back to a wrong behavior pattern.

Recommended software:
Bucher Vita Coach
Bucher Business Coach
Bucher Somatic Check
Bucher Money Coach

Suggested hardware:
Table "Spirit"
Gold box

Range: Chakra harmonization

Chakras are energy centers in humans or animals that supply the organs with energy. The origins of this concept lie in the traditional far eastern philosophy and in tantric Hinduism.

The chakras are often charged by blockades, so that the supplied organs can’t develop their full function. If a blockade can’t be resolved for many years, a disease often develops in the area of the blocked energy center.

The energies of the chakras can be tested with the Bucher Aura Coach. As each chakra is correlated with certain themes, conclusions on blockade topics can be made based on the scanned values. By means of various optional databases (for humans, for animals, for buildings/places and for companies) you can also view directly blockades in a detailed evaluation. The therapists use the search results in conversation with the patient to resolve the blockades. As a support, the corrective information can be sent via various methods.

As each chakra is associated with a specific color (e.g. the base chakra is red), it lends itself particularly with this method to work with colored light. Thereby the scan results are achieved by a provocation with colored light along with a stress measurement. The treatment with colored light is performed during a period of time that was calculated by the system for each chakra, whereby a wavelength is used exactly produced by the Vision- Colour lights.

Recommended software:
Bucher Aura Coach
Bucher Aura Beauty

Suggested hardware:
Psycho-Somatic-Tuner with VISION-COLOUR tripod light

Range: I Ching & acupuncture

The Chinese medicine has a wealth of experience built up over the millennia and passed on. From this wealth of experience, Dr. Dr. Andrea Mercedes Riegel and Hermann Grösser (responsible for method and basics) together with Dr. Schaefer Medizintechnik (responsible for the hardware) and Bucher GmbH (responsible for the software) have developed a system which the I Ching (The Book of Changes) connects with acupuncture.

The I Ching serves among other things as a scan method to find out which acupuncture points are suitable for the resolution of the patient`s problems or their causes.

Moreover you can add indication programs to the scan, programs that by the selection of appropriate acupuncture points can contribute with specific problems to a substantial improvement.

The acupuncture points selected by the system can be treated by the therapist with traditional acupuncture or if the therapist is not trained in acupuncture the points can be activated by various methods that are included in the system. Thus therapists that do not have an appropriate training can also benefit from the Chinese philosophy. The acupuncture points are shown on the screen on a virtual person. The appropriate vibration can be provided additionally by colored light or with the help of information carriers. Again, the application of the information carrier has a positive effect on the operative effect because the client/patient does not lose sight of the desired objective (resolving his problem) when he has left the practice and is in "daily life" again.

A wonderful opportunity to view a graphical representation of the problem solving in a patient is the fractal technique which is integrated in Bucher TAO Medical. A fractal is calculated using a mathematical formula and you get as a result a mostly colorful graphic. All scan results and the focus of treatment entered with the scan form the basis of the formula. These graphics operate as image affirmations and accelerate the resolution of the patients` problems.

Recommended software:
Bucher TAO Medical

Suggested hardware:
Color light point applicator
Psycho-Somatic-Tuner with VISION-COLOUR tripod light

Range: Bioresonance

Bioresonance was developed in the 1970s by Franz Morell and Erich Rasche. Over the years other manufacturers developed similar procedures which in the core were based on the fundamentals of Franz Morell and Erich Rasche, but most of them were supplemented with various additional functions.

In 2014, Bucher GmbH started in collaboration with Hermann Grösser with the development of Bucher Bioresonance Triselect, which is relatively close to the original method. It was important to us, however, to divide the tested vibration through suitable band pass filters in a spiritual, a psychic and a physical area to get a better interpretability and a better controlling effect.

The principle of the Bucher bioresonance method works in the first step via the scanning of the client`s/patient`s vibration over a wide frequency range. In the second step, the measured vibrations are divided into harmonious and disharmonious rates by means of an algorithm. By analyzing the disharmonic vibration in the individual band passes the problem and the corresponding cause can be better classified.

It is the harmonious proportion of vibration in the patient that must be strengthened, while the proportion of discordant vibration should be neutralized by an inversion. The reversed disharmonious vibration is the impetus for the start of the self-healing power in the clients/patients. To do this, the harmonious vibrations and the inverse disharmonious vibrations are merged in the third step and transferred to the client/patient again. Through multiple treatments with the merged vibration and subsequent re-scanning at an interval of a few days, you can very well understand the success of treatment. In addition, a database of the corrective vibration for numerous indications was recorded and stored. This information can be added, if desired, to a transfer and provide additional support for the resolution of the clients`/patients` problems.

In Bucher Bioresonance Triselect there are also direct and indirect transfers of the corrective vibration possible as with the other systems of Bucher GmbH. For example, this can be done directly via hand electrode or colored light. The vibration can be transferred indirectly, e.g. on globules, water, sprays, magnetic cards or healing stones. Most therapists use both methods, the direct one if the patient is in practice and the indirect to support the patient, even if he is not in practice.

Recommended software:
Bucher Bioresonance Triselect

Suggested hardware:
Psycho-Somatic-Tuner with VISION-COLOUR tripod

Range: Color-light therapy

Colors play a big part in our lives. Everyone has one or more favorite colors and even colors that he does not like. Colors can affect the mood, trigger emotions, calm, stimulate, warm, and cool. Reactions to the same color can be different for example in humans. But there are also properties attributed certain colors that seem to be valid generally.

Red, for example, promotes circulation and warmth, while blue acts rather anti-inflammatory and as a cooling agent. The effect of colors has been studied by many scholars for decades and is also used in the color therapy.
In humans, primarily the eyes can perceive the light in different wavelengths (i.e. in colors). However, the skin has also receptors to capture and use light.

This is what our system Bucher Color Tuning 64 takes advantage of. It divides the human body into 64 zones of resonance and scans for each zone what color goes into resonance with this zone. The optimal color of each zone is derived from the chakra colors. A knee is as itself in the area of the root chakra, and thus has the optimal color "red". In the area of the solar plexus, the optimal color is "yellow", for example.

When scanning, the system can determine whether wrong colors act in the respective zones. The colors of the 12-part color wheel are used as reference for it. For example, the color "blue" could be found in the knee, while the color "red" is in the solar plexus. In Bucher Color Tuning 64 an explanatory model was deposited for each of the 64 zones and each of the 12 possible resonant colors, that is in 768 variations (64 x 12 = 768). When searching for the cause of a client`s/patient`s problem the 7 most blocked zones will be considered in more detail and based on the information found questions are displayed that you can ask the patient. The answer to these questions leads usually directly to the cause of problems.

If the cause is identified, a solution in the client`s/patient's life can be worked out in a talk therapy, usually as a change in behavior in certain situations. For these changes to succeed more easily, the "wrong colors" found in the blocked resonant zones are irradiated with just the right wavelength (the complementary color) by physical means, for example, by means of a Vision-Colour light.

In the additive color system, for example, the "wrong" red in the solar plexus would be treated with turquoise and the "wrong" blue in the knee with yellow. By means of complementary colors you can produce the exact opposite of a color in order to neutralize the "wrong" color in the desired zone. Once this color is "wiped out", the second step is the correct color in the appropriate zone. This would be, for example, a red in the knee and a yellow in the solar plexus.

In the Bucher Color Tuning 64 as well the wavelength of light can be transmitted directly, for example through Vision-Colour lights, or indirectly e.g. via "informed" globules, water, sprays, magnetic cards or healing stones. Most therapists use both methods, the direct one if the patient is in practice and the indirect to support the patient, even if he is not in practice.

Recommended software:
Bucher Color Tuning 64
PhoTon 5 (Bucher Color Tuning 64 with basic functions)
VISION-COLOUR Revision (Mini Bucher Color Tuning 64 without analysis)
Various other Bucher Color Apps

Suggested hardware:
Psycho-Somatic-Tuner with VISION-COLOUR mobile tripod