Introduction to Consciousness Medicine

Complementary medicine does no longer work without a networked understanding of reality. In order to enable the patient to heal himself and act out his skills and aptitudes, physical burdens must be removed as well as psycho-emotional and spiritual chains and dogmas. In order to enable the therapist to accompany his patient correctly on his way, he needs a comprehensive understanding of causes and effects, not only in the field of medicine, but also in history, religion, psychology and sociology. The practitioner of today should be well schooled in the knowledge of life and human nature in order be able to show his patient the right way. For this, networked thinking is essential and this is in the heart of the training of the Academy for Consciousness Medicine.

Consciousness medicine...

  • Supports the integration of body, soul and spirit
  • Helps the therapists and the patients/clients to go quickly behind the scenes and realize the acting backgrounds
  • Provides simple and extremely effective methods of creating resonance (the simplest approaches are often the best)
  • Helps to think in contexts and to ask the RIGHT questions
  • Helps to clear, clean up, fulfill and reconcile entanglements and dependencies
  • Helps the user to overcome ignorance and adherence
  • Helps to expand the isolated somatic-psychic image by adding the mental and spiritual levels
  • Supports the user in reconnecting himself to all his levels of consciousness
  • Helps to overcome limitations experienced by imprinting and conditioning
  • Helps the patient/client to identify and resolve his problems through a targeted change in his views and perceptions
  • Helps the patient/client to be the director of his life again
  • Is regulated energetically through focused intention and therapeutic ritual by using a Mind-Matter Interface (MMI)

The application of our systems enables you to...

  • Clarify the background of the symptoms and make them aware
  • Understand the signals of the body in their context
  • Release content stored in the subconscious of the patient/client
  • Start conscious emotional confrontation with the contents
  • Unravel family secrets: only truth creates clarity
  • Return foreign energies and emotions
  • Take back your own energies and emotions

The holistic model

The model shows the influencing factors and interactions that synergistically work together. The individual points symbolize the visible and invisible forces of the respective active triangles. In the middle is the center of the mind force.

The model is used to present and explain the method, but is not the reality, just as little as a film is not life or a calendar time.