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Representing and harmonizing the body regions

A modern, computer-based test and regulation program that is used to harmonize biological systems.

The principle of action is based on interactions between consciousness, energy and matter. It is an emergent system in which both psychological and physical energies are used synergistically.

Color tuning was designed by Hermann Grösser in the early 2000s. Bucher GmbH has completely reworked this system in cooperation with Hermann Grösser and Michael Päßler (Medizintechnik Dr. Klaus Schäfer) and expanded it with biophysical components.

Since March 2012 it has been offered as a new product under the brand name Bucher Color Tuning 64 worldwide.

Main features of Bucher Color Tuning 64
  • High-quality bio-signal tuner with physiological connection (multi-sensor) to the human system
  • Stress balance function (audiovisual biofeedback)
  • Dynamic 3D Scans with display of disbalances
  • Regulation on 64 psychosomatic body zones
  • Connected questioning technology according to Jörg Helge Drew
  • Color-tone cascades. Color classification by indication (psychoenergetic resonance) as well as freely programmable color sequences
  • Optimal system regulation by combination of information medicine and bioenergetic effect of the vision color hardware (390-630 nm) or with the Bucher Wellness Lights

Bucher Color Tuning 64
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