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Representing and harmonizing the body regions

All functions that are needed from a Coaching Software

Client management

Capture and manage all of your clients and company data in Bucher Color Tuning 64.

All clients are listed in the address window and can be sorted alphabetically by all the information (for example, company name, first name, ZIP code, city, etc.). The columns can be sorted with the mouse (drag and drop the column name) as desired.

Client management

Scanning psychoenergetic resonances

The scan function is realized via a physiological connection of the clients and displayed on the screen by dynamic 3D graphics. The scan results are displayed in a graphical table and on the virtual 3D person (depending on the gender woman or man). The virtual person shows the scanned 64 psychosomatic body zones with the respectively tested color.

Scanning of psychoenergetic resonances using the example of a male client

Transferring harmonization values

The resonances found can be harmonized by the virtual 3D person. In this case, the tested false colors are deleted by sending the complementary colors into the respective zones, and then the energy status of each zone is improved again by transmission of the appropriate color. This is supported by a [b]sound bowl music[b], if the user activates this function.

Transfer of harmonization values using the example of a female client

Output of results

A document can be displayed or printed out with all resonances of the 7 chakras and the resonances of the seven zones with the weakest energy state. The information is supplemented by connected questions from Jörg Helge Drew's question technique, which can be submitted to the client.

Output of results

Transmission psychoenergetic resonances

With the help of the VISION-COLOUR Hardware, which work in the range of 390 - 630 nm or other transmission possibilities (see [link]information carriers[/link]), there is achieved an optimal system regulation by the combination of the information medicine and the bioenergetic effect.