Information carrier

Magnetic cards

Working with magnetic cards as radionic information carrier

Magnetic cards, just like many other information carriers, are highly suitable for the transmission of radionic information into the client's morphogenetic field.

They have the advantage that they can be actively used by the client, who so actively deals with their problems. By carrying the magnetic card, clients participate in a ritual, which can significantly strengthen the body's self-healing powers.

A positive side-effect: we can do without long-distance transmissions. There is no need to send the radionic package through the computer day and night. For particular clients, magnetic cards are a suitable carrier of radionic information.

Our magnet card writer is a radionic (virtual) device, which produces no changes on the card or the magnetic strip. But it transfers the desired subtle information first to the card and then to its carrier.
By carrying the card close to the body (e.g. in the breast pocket or the wallet/purse), the carrier expresses the wish that the information shall be transferred to their morphogenetic field.

And this is exactly another advantage of such an information carrier: Clients can choose if they wish to use the magnetic card or not (by simply carrying it or laying it aside). By laying the card aside, they express their wish to stop the transmission and from the on, the radionic information will no longer reach the recipient.