Successful treating and coaching with Bucher Coaching Systems

Bucher GmbH, along with its product range of Bucher Coaching Systems, offers an extensive computer system for users of instrumental biocommunication or consciousness medicine such as alternative practitioners, naturopaths, physiotherapists, as well as for personal coaches, life coaches or consultants. They assist with the management, advice and harmonization of patients and clients.

Bioresonance or instrumental biocommunication can trigger positive effects in patients or clients. You can do this by using in particular Bucher Vita Coach (a product in the field of energy medicine, information medicine, consciousness medicine as well as quantum medicine). Bucher Vita Coach scans subtle information from the information field of the client (the morphic field) and sends the information back to it for harmonization.

With the product Bucher Aura Coach our customers can test their clients` chakras (vital energy), display and harmonize them. There are various additional categories that allow detailed evaluations on the underlying blockades. For each of the following groups there is a category available: people (category human), animals (category fauna), buildings and places (category place), companies (business category).

The product Bucher Color Tuning 64 goes even deeper into detail. It considers not only the seven chakras but 64 zones of the body and can assign them in a scan to specific colors and harmonize them by using colors and sounds. There is, in addition, the function "Bucher Stress Balance“ that puts the clients back into a relaxed situation by means of natural images and sounds, and there is the function "Psycho-Energetic Regulation" which can dissolve predefined problem resonances over a combination of color sequence and individual scan.

The product Bucher TAO Medical is a universal test and regulation system that is based on Taoist-Chinese medicine. Among others, all indications of TCM can be treated as well as of homeopathy and of biological medicine, including other well-known naturopathic treatments such as bioresonance and radionics. Formula and measures are recommended that allow immediate retuning of disharmony. There is also the possibility to use pre-packaged programs and let the regulation run automatically via hand electrodes.

Some of our products use the method radionics as a basis for the morphic field scans. With the vision color tuners, however, a physical integration of the patients or clients during testing and harmonizing is possible.

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