Collective broadcast

Why the collective broadcast?

Let us compare an arbitrary problem with a boulder, which is in the middle of the way and prevents me from passing through.

Fortunately, I have a rope that I loop around the boulder. Then I pull as hard on the rope as I can. The rock moves but a few millimeters. I pull a second time. Again, I can only move the rock by a few millimeters. I take a third, a fourth run, I try a total of ten times and I notice that I am moving something, but at the rock I still can not pass.
Luckily, nine friends of the way come and ask me if they can help me (I know - it sounds incredible, but there are some coincidences!). Everyone snaps a bit from the rope and all ten pull together. The rock block can not hold a tenfold potentiated force, it rolls aside.

This example demonstrates that in many cases, the one-time effort of ten people is much more effective at the same time than the ten-time effort of one person.

Obviously this is so in the morphic field as well. A person achieves success with the help of a coaching system by their will and their intention. Even if the person performs the same action ten times or stretches the shot to 30 minutes, it is always only an action. It can be assumed that the morphic field has already understood the intent of the coaches in the first action. Therefore, repeated multiplication on the same date as repetition does not produce more than one program.

But what if two or even hundreds of the same action? The power and the effect will be strengthened.

This realization was the birth of the "collective application" in the Bucher Vita / Business Coach. By using this function, the user is to be part of a global network with the guiding principle "one for all, all for one".

The first question that had to be answered was: How can you make a fine-grained request available to other coaching users without violating the privacy of the client to be sent?

We have solved this in the Bucher Vita / Business Coach so that the request is transferred into a playable MP3 music file.

The transmission of the fine-grained information, e.g. The name of the recipient with name, address and photo, the formulation of the desired destination, the scanned or selected fine-grained entries from the databases, and all planned sending dates are converted into a white noise and stored in an MP3 file.

They are therefore only readable for the morphic field when the file is played. It is not possible to return the information to the original text from the MP3 file. Also, the information inserted in the MP3 file using the subliminal technique are not readable there for privacy reasons for the Medionik users.

Subsequently, the user writes a small text describing the problem to be solved without mentioning the personal data of the client, and then clicks on "Upload the package to the collective broadcast".

The program is now played for the first time by the computer of the coaching user and can be heard there as a quiet "white noise".

At the same time, the Bucher Vita / Businesscoach invites the MP3 file and the brief description of the package to the Internet server of Bucher Coaching Systems.
The package is then processed in such a way that it can be sent by all other users through the collective broadcast system.

In order for the energy balance to work out, a coaching user must send 25 packets from other users if he wants his package to be sent by many other users.
However, this is relatively simple. There is the collective transfer program.

This program randomly selects 25 packets from other users and displays the contents of the short descriptions in a table.
The user should at least briefly flip through the table, so that he can contribute his consciousness and his transmission intent.

Then he clicks on the button "I want to transfer all transmissions of this list into the morphic field" at the bottom of the table.

Now the collective transfer program loads all programs to the computer and sends them off. The credit account for uploading your own packages is then increased by ONE. Each time another 25 packets are sent, the user gets another credit balance.

The collective transfer program can be terminated at any time. All downloaded MP3 files from the other users, which have already been played back on the computer, are deleted again, so that their own hard disk space is not loaded.

A single request for another user takes about 3 seconds, depending on the Internet and computer speed. To get a credit point, you have to send about 1½ minutes for the other users.

This means that each coaching user can participate in the collective request simply by sending packages from other users.

The package uploaded by the user remains in the system of the collective request until the end-date of the packet determined by the user has been reached. Afterwards, the user is sent a small mail with the indication of how often his package was sent by other users and the package is taken out of the system.

A big advantage of this system compared to the tests of other manufacturers is that the uploaded package also uploads the desired intensity. It is only the desire to achieve the goal and not the strength of the mission.

In our opinion, this is an important opportunity that should be available to every coaching user. That is why we at Bucher Coaching Systems decided to make this function available to all coaching users free of charge.