The Bioresonance (R)evolution
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Regulation on all levels of consciousness

The Bioresonance (R)evolution

By Hermann Grösser +

Bioresonacetherapy is in use for almost four decades and despite all opposition on the part of scientific medicine there is still a great interest in this particular way of treatment. Besides new models to the classical ranges of application, there are, hitherto little noticed, also new possibilities of using the bioresonance principle in expanded form. An important area for it represents the spiritual level, which received only little attention by the classical concepts so far, however, is indispensable in the consciousness medicine.

The original founder of this particular method, MD Franz Morell (1921-1990), explained at that time the active principle on a purely physical level but from today's knowledge this thesis no longer maintains, although at that time it corresponded to the prevailing Zeitgeist. Another feature of the original bioresonance therapy is the separation of so-called harmonious and disharmonious vibrations. The idea came from Ludger Mersmann (Biophysics Mersmann).

In the meantime we know that not the electronics of the device alone, but mainly the consciousness of the user gives the decisive impetus to the release of the self-healing powers. In other words: In the therapeutic ritual, the consciousness is the decision maker, the spirit of man is the simultaneously performing medium. What is valid but more than ever in the age of modern IT (information technology), is the underlying concept of the (virtual) inversion, as well as the separation of harmonic and disharmonic vibrations. In addition we get color light vibrations, whether as originally, virtual or real, i.e. with real color light, whereby the latter opens up new perspectives in the application.

Bucher company made a decisive step towards regulation of all consciousness levels by considering the spiritual realm with their newest development. The new method is a combination of knowledge of the practical application of Bioresonance and Radionics and was developed in cooperation with several specialists who all have many years of experience in their field. To them belong Wolfgang Bucher, Hermann Grösser and Michael Päßler.

The advantage of Bucher Bioresonance is clearly software-controlled application. Over defined virtual frequency band passes, all levels of consciousness are included, i.e. not only the somatic, but as well the mental and the spiritual area. It allows a significant expansion into other areas of complementary medicine and more specifically in coaching.

Comprehensive test methods have been omitted deliberately, because in general, consultation includes enough information as a base for a regulation. It is performed following the conversation based on the focus command. Regulation by focus input is most elegant in coaching, especially as the user itself (in coordination with the client) enters the appropriate solution. At the same time homeopathic remedies and other means from the field of natural medicine can be added as adjuvant.

Another possibility exists by selecting predefined indication programs or a combination of focus and programs. Application of Bucher Bioresonance is easy, and many operations run off thereby automatically. The Triquetra symbol associated with this new method stands for unity of body, mind and soul.

New approaches have been taken with hardware, which was developed by Michael Päßler (Vision Colour). The standard "mind-matter interface" (a mind-matter interface, which acts as intermediary between the worlds), is equipped with psycho-physiological coupling and is small, easy and pricewise attractive. Bucher Coaching systems are modular developed and interesting combinations arise by adding on special software programs or by connecting colored light devices which are available in different types by Vision Colour.

Bucher Bioresonance is universally applicable due to its specific characteristics and covers a wide range of applications. It is to be assigned as method of regulatory medicine, which includes as well acupuncture and homeopathy and other similar natural therapies. It is not surprising that Morell once remarked: “Almost every disease is worth an attempt!”
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