Shield Coach - Natural Water

Shield Coach - Natural Water

Experience tap water in spring water quality

Experience how tap water changes into living spring water. Feel the energizing effect of the water while showering. Coffee, tea and other foods prepared with water taste more intense and harmonious.


Connect the water line in front of the water clock to the house connection. A silver foil strip is glued to the wire. The Shield Coach - Natural Water is glued to the overlapping ends of the strip.


Restoration of drinking water and therefore better taste, softer water, better cleaning performance, skin-friendly, refreshing and energized when drinking or showering. Psycho-energetic protection against all negative influences that may arise from the consumption or application of the drinking water. Please note that the Shield Coach can only be removed without residue from glass, metal and other hard and insensitive surfaces.
The Shield Coach - Natural Water can also be used optimally as a supplement to the Aqua Zeppelin. In this case, attach the Shield Coach to the Aqua Zeppelin.

Target affirmation

Shield Coach - Natural Water increases water quality, eliminates negative and adds positive information. The water is alive and energizing.


1 x Shield Coach - Natural Water incl. Silver foil strips


EUR 44,93 (without VAT)