Shield Coach - Vehicle

Shield Coach - Vehicle

Always be safe and relaxed traveling

Stress and aggressiveness seem to be constantly increasing in road traffic. More and more cars are polluting the streets and cities. More and more companies are moving their warehouse "just in time" to the road, to logistics providers with the most demanding truck drivers. The roads themselves seem to be getting worse and worse and the traffic jams are getting longer.

How is a traffic person to keep a cool head in this traffic environment and to value a mindful, stress-free and still concentrated driving style?

In this case the Shield Coach - Vehicle can help to relieve stress as an accompanying resting pole which relieves stress while driving, but also by its presence and its characteristics when its own Abilities.

The desire and intent of this Shield Coach is to be relaxed and secure.


Designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and watercraft. The best way to ensure that the Shield Coach is visible from the driver's position, e.g. On the front disc above. The Shield Coach may not obscure the driver's view. For bicycles in the area of the handlebar or directly on the handlebars. Please note that the Shield Coach can only be removed without residue from glass, metal and other hard and insensitive surfaces.


Avoid stress during driving and help with concentration and reaction in road traffic. Prevention of reaction blockages in hazardous situations by promoting the detection of accidental immediate reactions. Due to the careful drive, fuel is saved and you drive with less wear. One gets more relaxed and relaxed. However, the driver's sensitivity is also strengthened with regard to the detection of his own fatigue or other factors which necessitate a break, a break, or even the omission of the ride. The Shield Coach can not replace missing security. In spite of Shield Coach always ensure that the technical and your physical and mental preconditions for road traffic are ensured.

Target affirmation

Shield Coach - Vehicle helps me achieve my goal safely and without stress.


1 x Shield Coach - Vehicle on carrier paper for gluing in or on the vehicle.


EUR 44,93 (without VAT)