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Your power tool for reducing stress

Reduces excessive reactions or even prevents stress reactions in stressful situations.

This function is symbolized by a butterfly. Its Ancient Greek name ψυχή means "psyche", synonym for "breath" or "soul", and implies that it is a "soul animal".

Due to the metarmorphoses it goes through (egg, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly), a butterfly stands for important changes and transformations associated with the questions: What would I like to transform myself into?

On the spiritual level, the butterfly symbolizes the liberated soul on the one hand and immortality on the other.

In connection with background images and nature sounds, it shall lead the client away from their stress factors, problems, diseases and negative issues towards the carefreeness of a fluttering butterfly.

The measurement with the hand electrodes activates a biofeedback loop. The butterfly and the nature images and sounds produce a state of relaxation in the user, which is recorded by the bio signal tuner and retransfered "to the butterfly". The butterfly then starts to move more slowly and becomes calmer and calmer, which in return has positive effects on the user.

The aim is to give the butterfly enough peace and calmness so that it settles confidently on a flower and spreads its wings in a state of total relaxation.

As the butterfly reflects and represents the user, the effects are directly transferred to them.