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Disposition regulation on archetypical-astrological basis

Resonance always denotes a mutual giving and taking. On the one hand, "in-resonance" requires the openness and receptiveness of ourselves, of vibrations coming from the outside, and, on the other hand, the necessary ability to respond with our own inner learning process. Living vibrations within us enable and support a resonant living field in our social environment and vice versa.

Health is basically nothing more than the ability of our body to regulate itself, react flexibly to all influences and disturbances and also to balance them. The concept of self-regulation can be equated with defensiveness.

Positive perceptions promote our health and wellbeing, negative generate the opposite, namely, mood, blockage and disease.

You do not have to become ill to develop a healthy sense of healing cosmic colors. Similar to the choice of a "coherent" balanced diet (in the coarse-grained area) a conscious and harmonious choice of colors helps in the fine-material area.

Such a color sequence results from the archetypical-astrological calculation of Cosmic Lights Balancing.

„If there are vibrations that harm us, there must be also those that promote our well-being.“

Thomas Künne,
Vibration therapist and consultant in the development of Cosmic Lights Balancing

Thomas Künne

Thomas Künne